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"Although the 2013 EMU conference, held at the University of Derby has ended, the experiences of many participants will live with them forever. Generally, the yearly conference provides the platform for doctoral researchers and academia to share their research-findings and experience with fellow researchers, obtain feedback, learn from the work and experience of others, and establish social contacts. 

"This year's conference lived up to its billing! Overall, the conference was well organised; there were a variety of activities including a keynote presentation, three-minute research snapshots, and over 40 individual presentations which were organised into five concurrently-running sessions, where a delegate chooses which ones to attend. In fact, there was something interesting and relevant for everyone irrespective of his / her discipline. In addition, the administrative team was very professional and supportive, and the overall catering was excellent.

"For me, the time spent at the conference was time well spent. It was a special time to meet people of like-minds, obtain feedback on my research, and get involved in great things. Before I get carried away with that, let me briefly discuss my experience with the guest lecture. Yes, the topic of the guest lecture was 'The king under the car park: the search for the last resting place of King Richard III'. 

When I first saw the topic, the question that came to my mind was: What is that topic about? The second and third questions were similar: What do they want to tell me about the king under the car park? How is that relevant to me and my research?

"However, it turned out that I was wrong. The presenter, Dr Appleby did a very good job. The intrigues, the suspense, the digging of the trenches, and the DNA test carried out on the excavated bones to prove the identity of the King, sounded too good to be true. In contrast to what I consider to be a good piece of work, there was no trace of time-series data analysis, complex equations or model-building in the presentation, but, without doubt, it was clear from the slides, and at the end of the presentation, that a good job had been done. 

"Clearly, the outcome of the keynote presentation intuitively depicted two things worthy of note by a researcher. Firstly, it showed that planning is crucial to a successful research. Secondly, you must be confident about your research findings, and the only way to ensure that is to present all-evidence which supports your findings.

"At the conference, I had the honour of presenting a paper, and acting as Chair for one of the sessions which consisted of five presentations. Being a Chair at the conference enabled me to sharpen my people management skills. It started off with pre-conference activities which included following up on presenters in the group to obtain their presentation slides, to conference day activities which included managing presentation time, discussions and question time. 

"Also, my experience with meeting and exchanging ideas with researchers from other universities, and presenting a paper at the conference, was unparalleled. For example, at the end of my presentation, Nick from De Montfort University walked up to me and said, "that was a great presentation". Then, he shared with me, his findings from a similar study. Conclusively, the outcome of this year’s conference was great and makes me look forward to the next one with high optimism."

Eghosa Igudia
Doctoral Researcher, Nottingham Business School, NTU Graduate School.

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