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Course studied: MSc Marketing (Advertising and Communications)

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United Kingdom
I chose NBS because it has a really good reputation as a school which offers practical experience alongside high level academic teaching.

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"I chose Nottingham Business School because it has a really good reputation as a school which offers practical experience alongside high level academic teaching. I have always found marketing a fascinating subject area so I wanted to gain deeper insight into the subject and practical marketing skills to prepare me for the competitive job market, to make me more employable and to gain specific skills for the industry that I want to enter.

"One of the things that particularly attracted me to the MSc Marketing (Advertising and Communications) was the applied consultancy project which is carried out in the final term of the masters. This offers students the opportunity to put into practice what we have learnt in the first two terms in a way that few other universities provide.

"The first term focused on pure marketing and provided a solid base knowledge of the subject. In the second term, which I particularly enjoyed, the course content was more focused on the marketing degree routes, so for me that was advertising and communications. I appreciated the chance to develop my creative skills in second term working on live projects from a range of well-known companies. In the third term, we had the chance to put the knowledge that we had gained into action and gain some valuable work experience working with an organisation on a consultancy project.

"The course offered many opportunities to work in teams. I've loved getting to know students from around the world who have come together at Nottingham Business School. I feel like I have actually learnt a lot by working with students from different cultures, which is an opportunity I would not have had if I hadn't of done this masters at NBS.

"The practical and interactive nature of the courses at Nottingham Business School sets it apart from other business schools. Lectures at master's level are held in classroom environments and are therefore very interactive. The teaching staff are very approachable, friendly and helpful. Lectures and seminars are split evenly, so after learning about a topic in the morning's lecture, we were able to put what we had learnt into practice in the afternoon seminars, which really helped to clarify key topics.

"Outside of the classroom NBS put on many events such as the Thinkubator Challenge in which we had the opportunity to help local businesses with problems that they are currently facing. There have also been many fascinating guest speakers from various industries. I believe that these extra activities really enhanced my knowledge and interest in marketing.

I feel like returning to education to do a master's at NBS is one of the best decisions that I have made and has greatly enhanced my employability and confidence. I would definitely recommend Nottingham Business School to prospective students. As well as this, studying here is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people from around the world. Once I graduate I want to get a job within an innovative and exciting marketing department or agency."

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