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United Kingdom
Study abroad and make the most of your experience. It is what you make of it! Say yes to new experiences.

More about Helen

I really enjoyed my undergraduate degree here at Nottingham Trent University. I loved the city and I loved the University. I wanted to travel but also study, which is why MSc Global Business & Management was perfect for me as it allowed me to do both.

I’m currently in my final year of my masters and I’ve loved every aspect of it. The main features of the course which I was attracted to were the wide range of opportunities offered. The opportunity to study abroad was the main attraction. I also really appreciated the wide breadth of course content as I wasn't sure about what I wanted to specialise in. The course required student to take part in a 12 week internship which was extremely valuable to me as I didn't have much experience in my chosen field. Another benefit was that on completion of the course I would receive two M-level qualifications.

Study abroad

I had the opportunity to study abroad in Lisbon and I had a great experience! The city was beautiful and there was so much to do and see. There is an excellent Erasmus network in Lisbon which organises trips and events which are always great opportunities to meet new people. I enjoyed my time in Lisbon so much that I decided to stay and do my 12 week internship there as well. I was working with a fairly young company with friendly and welcoming employees. I feel that I have gained valuable skills that I can put to greater use when I graduate and progress into a full-time job.

ISCTE facilities and experience

I enjoyed my time at ISCTE and would highly recommend studying there. The facilities were good and students were friendly. Whilst I was there the course I studies was MSc International Management which I really enjoyed. The course leader was also very helpful.

NTU facilities and teaching

I did my bachelors in Politics & International Relations but I had always heard great things about the Business School from my friends. After joining the Business School I wasn't disappointed. The lecturers are always happy to give you extra one to one help if you need it. The employability team here at the university are also very helpful if you need career advice or help with your CV.

Future plans

Studying a postgraduate course has helped me gain a better understanding as to what type of area I would like to specialise in and provided me with in depth knowledge about Business and management. The 12 week internship that I took part in has greatly helped increase my job prospects for the future. I would highly recommend studying a Postgraduate course at Nottingham Business School and also studying abroad if you have the chance.

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