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Current job role: Consulting Analyst
Company name: McKinsey & Company, Myanmar

What route did you take into postgraduate study?

I did a BA English at Yangon University and I also studied a couple of Business Management diplomas. In addition to my studies, I had approximately one year of marketing work experience.

When choosing a Masters degree, what did you consider it important to have?

For me it was ranking and scholarships. Both of which were offered by Nottingham Business School.

What were your reasons for studying a Masters degree and why did you choose Nottingham Business School?

I wanted to learn more about international business and both in terms of cost and ranking, NTU was one of the better universities out there.

Why did you choose to study MSc International Business and what did you enjoy about it?

My ambition is to work around the world and the MSc International Business will help me achieve my future goals of doing this. I also liked that the course professors set varying types of assignments which mimic the working environment and the study abroad option that NBS offered me.

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else?

The opportunity to do an internship arranged by NBS and the opportunity to study abroad in the second semester.

Describe what your seminars were like and how they differ from your undergraduate experience?

There is a lot more interaction in seminars with group work which is complemented by a timetable that encourages self-study outside of class.

What was your Major Project choice and what did you do for it?

I did the Internship Experience Project at a company called Boards Direct in Nottingham. I was involved in a project developing a feasibility study for the company to expand into the US market, which suited my course really well.

The Internship was a great opportunity for me as an international students to observe and understand working culture in a different country whilst getting quality work experience.

What are the key skills you have developed during your time at NBS?

I definitely developed my analytical and group work skills through both seminars and my internship.

Do you feel that your overall experience in the degree will make you more competitive in the job market?

I would say to a certain extent, yes. I think the experience and skills I gained here will help me to promote myself as a valuable, qualified employee to businesses across the world.

Would you recommend studying at NBS to prospective students?


Have you benefited from the services provided by the Employability Team?

Yes. I received help with putting together my CV and cover letter for the UK job market.

What clubs, societies or other activities have you been involved in at Nottingham Trent University?

I was the course representative for MSc International Business and also an International Student Ambassador. I also worked part-time as a Social Media Ambassador for my country’s NTU Facebook page.

How have you found moving to and living in Nottingham?

I really loved living in Nottingham. It is a great student city and very cost effective. In addition, my English language skills improved throughout my time here.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the programme?

Prepare for lots of excitement!

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of studying a Masters degree at NBS?

It was a lovely year.

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