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Course studied: MSc Marketing (Advertising and Communications)

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United Kingdom
Staff were supportive throughout the duration of the course and were so effective in communicating their knowledge to myself and fellow students.

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"My year since graduation has had its ups and downs. It took me some time to get on the path I am now but I am extremely satisfied with how my career is progressing.

"While I had found myself work placements and work experience since graduating, it took me 5 months to find a role where I could actually progress in my field. And even then it was an unpaid internship. When that internship ended it took me another 3 months to find the job I am currently doing. I feel like it is very hard to find that first job but I just had to stick at it and keep applying for the jobs I was actually really interested in, I felt like only then does the passion for the role translate.

"Currently I am working in affiliate marketing, so on a day to day basis I will be communicating with publishers, ensuring that my client's campaign is being promoted correctly, I will be recruiting other potential publishers onto the program, and I will analysing data to ensure that the program is running efficiently and to see if there are any areas for improvement. The main draw of affiliate marketing for me is building relationships with publishers and with the client, I get to talk to new people every day. For me, the highlight so far has been recruiting new publishers onto the program It confirms that the way in which I approached them about the program was attractive to them and it also means I will be making the program better for the client.

"The biggest challenge I faced since graduating was the periods I had in-between jobs. My morale would be low especially if I didn't get a job after an interview and I'd find myself struggling to get motivated. It was finding the energy to keep going that was most challenging.

"My experience at Nottingham Business School was great. I already loved Trent after completing my undergraduate degree, and my postgraduate experience was just as good. I struggled at first, not only with the different work-load, but also the language barriers during group-work, however, with help from staff I was able to settle in to the course and really found my feet. I chose my course because marketing was something that I had so much interest in and after I completed my undergraduate degree, I felt it was the perfect time to explore it. I think what I enjoyed most was understanding the reasons behind consumer behaviour and how this can be taken into consideration when planning marketing/advertising campaigns. I honestly believe that had I not taken the course I would not be in the position I am now. I doubt very much that my previous work experience opportunities would have been open to me, and I believe that it has had a massive impact on me getting my current role.

"As I mentioned previously, working with fellow students was challenging for me at first, however, once I was comfortable on the course, working with some of these students opened my eyes to new ways of working and the depth of analysis that could be achieved. Staff at NBS were supportive throughout the duration of the course and were so effective in communicating their knowledge to myself and fellow students.

"My advice for new graduates would have to be simply to keep going. Even if you've applied for hundreds of jobs, the next one you apply for could be the one you land. And always look to improve your CV at any opportunity. Hopefully I will be staying within Ogilvy for the foreseeable future. I aim to grow within the company and get opportunities to try my hand at new things. I think that might be one of the most attractive things about working for such a large company."

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