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The lecturers were great. They shared their experience and provided me with great career guidance.

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Current organisation and job title: Analyst at SBS Consulting (Strategic Business Solutions, BCG spin-off)

"Before doing a Masters degree I had a three month internship in a bank in Moscow so very little working experience. I can definitely say that my career has escalated quickly after graduation, taking me to a completely different level from being a student to an educated young professional.

"I am currently working as an analyst, where my main role is to analyse data and then prepare presentations for meetings where important conclusions and decisions can be made. For my first project, I was involved in a big development for Russian Energy. I really enjoyed this as I was doing something useful which would aid my country's future.

"The consultancy project I did as part of my Masters is directly relevant to my current work. I'm helping our clients to improve their business by solving particular business issues, just in a different scope.

"Being at Nottingham Business School was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the modules and I was taught by professional lecturers who shared their experience and provided me with great career guidance. I love Nottingham, it is perfect for student life. I made many friends and we have keep in touch after graduation, even though we live in different parts of the world."

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