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The fact that the MSc Management course is ending with a real consultancy project attracted me the most.

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"I studied Healthcare Management in my first degree. After finishing my studies, I found that i know more about medicine than management. However, management skills are needed to work in hospital management or the pharmaceutical industry which are the fields I want to work in. My sister did her master at NTU and told me about the MSc Management programme here.

"The MSc Management course was the most suitable course for me because I wanted to improve my management skills. I did not chose a specialisation like MSc Management and Marketing, Finance or one of the other routes because I want to work in the field of Healthcare Management and wanted to focus on management in general to add these skills to my previous ‘Healthcare Management Knowledge’.

"The MSc Management course ends with a real consultancy project* - and this attracted me the most. I think it is a great opportunity to work with a company to get an impression of how business works in real life. This is a unique opportunity. I like the fact that the masters course is a combination of theoretical and practical ‘worked-based learning’ as compared to my previous studies which was more focused on theoretical frameworks.

"Compared to Germany, the MSc Management course here gives you the chance to end your studies with a consultancy project instead of a ‘normal’ dissertation. I think this practical experience combined with theoretical background written down in reports and essays are a perfect preparation for our future job roles. Also, the course is taught over the period of one year whiles masters courses in Germany take two years.

"In my previous university I was mostly taught by German lecturers and was working with mainly German students. Now I know that this really narrowed my way of thinking. Since I am here and work with different nationalities, I have learnt to broaden my horizon and profited from new insights. Working in international teams will definitely help me to work in the industry.

"The most impressing facilities at NTU are the technology features. I really like the fact that everything is connected with your smartcard and the NOW system. The features and possibilities on NOW are impressive and supporting your learning outcomes. I often download the slides the lecturers upload or look for suitable references for assignment in the reading lists. Moreover, it is a good chance for lecturers to post short notes to inform the students about any news. All in all, the usage of NOW is very easy and self-explanatory and supports your studying. 

"The NTU Boots library is amazing. The fact that it is open 24/7 is great and gives every student the chance to work whenever they want to work. In addition, the books available in the library cover every topic you need to study on for your individual course. The online One Search library is very helpful to find literature for your work even when you are at home or check availability".

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