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I had spent the previous 15 years in a variety of positions, from sales, hospitality, all the way through to running my own companies, unbeknown to me these experiences would be useful for the in-class work of an MBA. I wanted to study an MBA because I wanted to challenge myself intellectually to see how I would cope with the stresses of a PG course.

The key features of the course which I was attracted to was the 1 year structure, the in-company consultancy projects and the international opportunities.

Nottingham Business School

Nottingham Business school stood out to me because of the Solid reputation, locality and atmosphere. I spoke with a few alumni in my personal and professional network and they all spoke glowingly about their experience here. Since graduation the school has received significant accolades and this was clearly in-progress whilst I was studying.

I think the MBA can really enhance your career prospects and give you a leading edge in the competitive and volatile job market that we are currently facing. However, it’s not just the skills taught that are useful, but the mind-set that’s developed provides more direction and stability. I have found that I’m more flexible with what I want to do now.


For me I spent inordinate amounts of time in the library and gym, working mind and body, so having extended hours for them both was useful to help keep me focused. The library can be accessed 24 hours a day which means I can change my schedule around to suit my needs as and when I need to.

Career goals

The MBA experience was useful from both a personal and professional point of view. It gave me tools and frameworks that have enabled me to make genuine differences to firms. I saw a 600% growth for a company within 5 months of graduation – I had free reign to do whatever needed to turn the company around. My initiatives grew the company by every metric and helped to save the director’s marriage!

In a discussion on a train one evening when I explained that I was a business consultant my response was met with a level of disgust at the connotations. I was able to explain that because of what I do, I know that I have saved jobs, families, and helped to build companies and communities across the UK and internationally.

The MBA is just a course of study, by itself it won’t guarantee a job, or a glittering career, it is what you choose to do with those skills afterwards that counts, and the MBA here at NBS has enabled me to redefine what I want to do with my working hours.

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