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If I was advising students I would say there is no point doing a job unless you love it and wake up every morning and can't wait to go to work.

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Job title: Faculty Head of Economics, Business Studies and Modern Foreign Languages at a secondary school.

"After graduating in 2010, I decided to enrol on a PGCE after having a flavour of teaching in an inner city academy in Nottingham through NTU's 'Students in Classrooms' program. I fell in love with the job role and progressed through onto the Business Education PGCE at Nottingham Trent University, and graduated from the PGCE in 2011. I have since obtained a job just outside of London in a large rural secondary school. I came to the school as a teacher of economics, and have since progressed to Head of Economics and Business Studies, to Faculty Head of Economics, Business Studies and Modern Foreign Languages. Myself and my team have rejuvenated the department and turned it from one of the worst performing departments in the school, to one of the best performing in the country!

"As part of my role, I manage eight teachers and around 1000 different students' achievement, behaviour and wellbeing. I also teach 40 hours of Economics and Business Studies over two weeks to students from the age of 13 - 19. It is very difficult to describe a typical day in the job as every day is different. This is one of the reasons I chose to do the job in the first place! I rarely sit behind a desk and from one hour to the next elements of my job are entirely unpredictable – largely due to the fact I work with teenagers! I also do a lot of work outside of school and generally finish work around 9 pm Monday - Thursday. This could involve extra-curricular, or the most time-consuming task in the world – marking!

"There are far too many highlights of my career so far to mention! Every single results day is incredible. I love seeing students getting their reward and going off to their university or progressing to study subjects at A level. I have also enjoyed travelling with students on school trips; our most recent trip was going to Paris for a few days. This provides an opportunity to get to know the students in a different environment and provide them with inspirational opportunities.

"In terms of the biggest challenges my role presents, managing people who are more experienced than you can be a challenge, although I am of the perspective that two years of different experiences is better than 10 years of the same experience each year. Once you have proven yourself it is a lot easier!

"I chose my course after studying economics at A level. My teacher was truly inspirational, and at Nottingham Trent University I really enjoyed the lectures, particularly when we heard some of the lecturers personal tales from the world of economics.

"In my job I have to have a secure subject knowledge and therefore my degree has allowed me to impart detailed and relevant knowledge with real world examples on my students.

"While at the University I made some life-long friends and we are still in touch now. I am also still in touch with my economics lecturers, and just before Christmas one came to provide a talk on the UK economy to my students.

"As Faculty Head, I will be spending the next year or two in developing modern languages. I also have a role with the local authority in training teachers. I see my role as someone who can improve social mobility and I will endeavour to continue providing equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds. In the future I just wish to continue inspiring young people and fostering within them a love of economics and enterprise.

"If I was giving advice, I would say that there is no point doing a job unless you love it and wake up every morning and can't wait to go to work. While monetary gain is important it should not be the only thing you seek to maximise."

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