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Mateusz Zbielski



United Kingdom
My Placement year was one of the best during my degree, in relation to my personal development. It teaches you some invaluable things and helps you to narrow down what you want from your future.

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“I found my placement on the ‘InPlace’ platform, which is available for all students across the university. The job description sounded interesting and identified some of my existing skills that I could utilize in company. Before applying, I worked with the Employability team to ensure that my CV and covering letter was the right format and to a high standard. I was later invited for a placement interview, and went on to receive a job offer.

In general, the recruitment process for placements can be challenging, as there is a huge competing market for every position you apply for. Each application can take hours to complete so it’s very important to maintain the balance between university responsibilities and the applications. For me, the key was to make sure that I was well prepared for each stage within the recruitment process, which enabled me to maintain my confidence and focus.

I was in contact with my placement tutor throughout the duration of my placement, which went really well without any issues or struggles. Because of this, the required contact was minimal but it was reassuring to know that the University was there.

The placement enabled me to develop a number of different skills that I wouldn’t normally learn at the University. I was working on tasks ranging from product development to project management, which all contributed to my personal development throughout that year. I really enjoyed contributing to different projects and maximising my experience within the firm.

Whilst working on different projects, I was able to apply certain theories to different scenarios and this experience allowed me to see how certain theories are being challenged by real-life circumstances. I’ve realised that a real working environment provides you with the situations that sometimes, the theories can’t answer and it is about being there and dealing with it, that helps you grow.”

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