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What made you decide to choose the two-year option with placement?
The two-year placement option provided me with an exceptional opportunity to put my learnings into practice during my placement. My decision to study abroad was based on my desire to work internationally with a diverse team. The MBA course has given me an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with international students having a different perspective for every issue.

Do you feel that you understood the process of securing a placement?
Understanding the placement process was not difficult because I attended the placement sessions on campus supported by my online research to obtain additional information.

Did you work with the Employability team to help secure a placement?
Yes, the Employability Team was of great help. They assisted me with my CV to ensure it met the UK standards; they also helped me in searching for opportunities that were relevant to my skillset, specific to my interests and career goals. My employability tutor Louise Rontree assisted me throughout the application process.

How did you find the process of applying for a placement? How many applications did you complete?
The process of applying for placements was time consuming. I started my application process quite late, as I thought having previous work experience would help me to secure a placement right away. What I did not anticipate was the competition and number of applicants applying from all the local colleges, universities and international students. I started applying for the jobs three months prior to the due date, which was extremely late for the placement process. However, I only applied for a few roles, as most of the placement application deadlines were closed by the time I began my research.

Did you have to undertake an interview for your placement? If so what type of interview? Did you seek help from Employability with interview preparation?
For my current job role, I undertook two face to face interviews one with the line manager and a HR manager. The second was with the director of the company. As well as the interview, I was tested on my Excel skills which was an integral part of the role. My employability tutor helped in providing some background of the company for the interview preparations.

What are the main differences between applying for a placement in the UK as opposed to your home country?
The application process in the UK is very critical and in-depth with strict deadlines in comparison to the USA. The CV format also differed greatly, for which I relied on the Employability Team to assist with my CV. Some companies even asked me to attend testing sessions as part of the application process for shortlisting the candidates prior to the interviews. Being a former hiring manager, I understand the importance of retaining good talent. For me, being a non-UK resident was my major barrier in the placement process as many of the companies advertise the jobs requiring permanent residency.

Where did you get the information about placements?
The online placement portal and the Employability team was my major source of receiving placement information.

What advice would you give to students considering doing the placement year and the application process for securing a placement?
Firstly, I would advice them to start the placement search as soon as possible. The longer you will wait, the company may receive more applications and yours can be overlooked. Apply with an open mind set. If the role or the job description differed from what you desire, it does not mean that the job is not right for you. My current placement has greatly developed my existing skill sets while allowing me to gain additional skills that can be added to my CV.

Where have you secured your placement? What is your job title and your main responsibilities?
I work as a Global Supply Chain Project Management Coordinator in Mondottica Company. I am responsible for three major projects in which I deal with international clients. The first project is lead time reduction, which requires me to work closely with one of our manufacturers in China to provide necessary information that will help them to successfully reduce lead time for all future orders.

Relocation of our USA offices is the second project I deal with. I am responsible for working closely with the architect, construction team and landlord to monitor the construction, the actual move of the physical office space and third-party warehouse, and finally to assist with driving the processes within our new warehouse to ensure a successful transition.My final project consists of working on an internal process for supply chain that will bridge a specific communication gap between our offices in London and Hong Kong.

All of these responsibilities require cross-cultural collaboration; travel to and from the various offices across the different continents and building great relationships with people I work with to drive results.

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