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Why Nottingham Trent University

In my case nothing was planned, I had studied a BA in Business Administration at Pune University and was exploring my next career move. I applied to Nottingham Trent University because of the two year degree with a work placement and the NTU India representative gave me a good low down.

The degree

What attracted me to Management and International Business was the degree itself, in particular the structure which combines global experience and the opportunity to work in a company for a year.

I specifically liked the degree structure (3 semesters with a work placement year) and the practical focus of the programme which is something other universities did not offer.

Furthermore, I was looking for practical knowledge, a degree that would improve my key skills and enable me to become more employable in the global job market. The learning focus here is on how to gain “critical thinking” skills, which is something I didn’t get in India where knowledge was spoon fed rather than “critically” taught to me.

Nottingham Business School

What stood out to me about NBS was the AACSB accreditation, their scholarship scheme and other add-ons such as the employability services and career focused workshops. The unique combination of these and the 50% scholarship I won was an attractive package and swayed me to choose NBS over other institutions.

A great asset of NBS is its focus on employability and its fantastic business links. You have the opportunity to do a placement and in addition, there are employability job fairs throughout the year where blue-chip companies come directly to the City campus to pitch to students.

At these fairs, you get to meet companies face to face and you can find out what skills businesses are looking for in graduates and what opportunities they offer for placement years and also their graduate programmes.

NBS also prepares students to secure placements by offering a range of employment related workshops. Some of the workshops we have already done enabled me to learn and develop crucial soft skills, such as improving my English language, presentation and communications skills.

Seminars and lectures

The classes are very interactive and I get the chance to work with different people all the time as our groups are always changing. This means you are put in a situation where you must consistently engage with your peers and class professors, which in turn helps you to develop your professional skills.

It’s great because everyone has something distinctive to add, which helps you identify diverse ways of working other than what you are accustomed to.

Furthermore, one of the great aspects of NBS is the close relationship I have with my degree professors. They help me not only academically, but personally. They really do make an effort to get to know you as a person and help you achieve your goals.

All of the above has given me encouragement to enhance my career plans. Previously, I thought I’d have to get a low level job back in India, but now, as my skills sharpen, I can see new opportunities to achieve my full potential which are not restricted to one job, or even one country like I did previously.

Student Services

The most important facility for me is my personal tutor at NBS. It’s great to know that I have access to professors who can support me with my academic development, something I never got whilst studying in India.

However, it’s not only in academics where student support is available. The Student Services Centre really helped me to settle down in the city when I first got here. The team helped me with just about everything, from registering with a doctor to collecting my residence permit.

Still need help?

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