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Oluleye Olaoluwa

United Kingdom
The course content is highly relevant to today’s world of work.

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"I studied Psychology at undergraduate level at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Subsequently, I worked as a volunteer financial planner with Leadway Assurance Company Limited in Nigeria; it was an opportunity to gain practical knowledge as well as have a professional experience in one of the nation’s leading insurance firms.

"In the course of growing up I was fascinated by the manner in which industries are run, how work is effectively carried out, how organisations produce goods and services, and how human resources are managed to facilitate development. In an effort to contribute towards effective human resource management and industrial development, I realised the need to improve my knowledge and skills and so I applied for the MSc Human Resource Management degree programme at Nottingham Trent University.

"Nottingham Business School stood out to me because it offered the challenging and rewarding educational experience that I was looking for. Its reputation, the fact that all the courses are accredited by various professional bodies and its links with industry in the UK and abroad really appealed to me – so far, I have attended one conference and networked with HR professionals in different sectors.

"I chose this course as I saw on the school website that the programme curriculum (including the consultancy project) was thorough and designed to train and produce professionals well versed in the intricacies of human resource management. The course content is highly relevant to today’s world of work and one of the key aims of the Masters programme is to enable me to build the needed skills which will give me the leading edge in the competitive job market. The opportunity for work-based learning was very important for me, along with the half tuition scholarship and the free iPad for MSc students, as I am an International student who believes in getting value for money invested in my education.

"The facilities at NTU really attracted me - the unlimited access to the Boots Library, 24-hour access to computers, reading rooms, reading tables and study materials, and unlimited access to the internet around the school buildings. Using the library has been very helpful to my studies – the of textbooks, journal articles and other available materials for course work, presentations and examinations. Also, the student support (language support classes) has been helpful especially for writing my essays. I use NOW every day for sourcing information, downloading lecture notes, monitoring my progress and communicating with my tutors. So far, I have found almost everything on NOW very useful to me ranging from viewing course updates to using the online resources.

"My advice for students considering to come to NTU is for them to grab this fantastic opportunity which may come around only once in a lifetime!"

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