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I've learnt a lot on this course and as a result I feel a lot more confident about going into the world of work.

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Rajdeep Goala comes from India, where he did his bachelor degree in Commerce before deciding on a postgraduate degree at NTU.

How did you decide to do this course?
"I was first attracted to studying in the UK because I can complete this course in one year, as opposed to two years in India. My agent recommended this course to me and then I met the programme leader when she visited India.

What is the course like?
"The course is divided into four-week modules, which means we can concentrate on one module at a time. So, for one week we have lots of lectures, about 20 hours a week, then we have assignments, projects and exams to work on during the following three weeks. Each module relates to one aspect of the financial sector. For example, at the moment I am looking at forecasting and using the betting markets to study how we can forecast financial markets. The staff are all very helpful and I feel very comfortable asking them about anything I don't understand.

What are your career plans?
"I want to work in the financial sector, preferably for an investment bank. I've learnt a lot on this course and as a result I feel a lot more confident about going into the world of work. I have particularly enjoyed the practical element of the course. For example, we don't only study statistics and econometrics but also how to apply them to the economic and financial sector."


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