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Robert Blackburn


United Kingdom
The experience you gain, not just from the tasks you have to perform, but the everyday role of living and working is priceless and really prepares you for a start in your career.

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“As part of my BA (Hons) Business Management and Marketing degree at Nottingham Business School, I completed a one year work placement, which I secured with Travis Perkins PLC.

My placement role at Travis Perkins PLC, was Digital Marketing Assistant. I was in charge of supervising three websites which involved making amends, adding imagery and promotion information. I also set up and delivered marketing promotions such as deal of the month etc. I enjoyed the working environment and working for a team, with a common goal but having my own responsibilities to contribute.

Organisation was key in my placement role, and I made sure that I stuck to a plan when managing my workload. I implemented key diagrams that I learnt at university, such as SWOT analysis, using them during team meetings. I was already familiar with the diagrams, which gave me more confidence.

Throughout my placement, I received support from NTU but it was kept to a minimum so it could give me a better understanding of the working world. I did receive telephone calls and a placement visit during my 12 months, however, as I settled in well and didn’t require much support, the team left me to it.

When I began searching for a placement, I visited Employability services, which reaffirmed that my CV was professional and had all the key information that an organisation looks for. I applied for the Digital Marketing Assistant position with Travis Perkins PLC, amongst applications to various other companies. With Travis, the first stage was a telephone interview, which lasted around 15-20 minutes, throughout which they  highlighted the key areas that were of interest to them on my CV. I was then invited to an assessment day, whereby I had 6 mini interviews and several group tasks alongside a group presentation.

Taking a placement year has really helped me to distinguish what areas of work I want to pursue and I would advise any student considering a placement, to take the leap and do it. I can confidently eliminate industries that I know I definitely do not want to work in. I have also noticed what I am good at, and how I can achieve what I want to do.”

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