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Course studied: Business Economics

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United Kingdom
I enjoyed the course, not only for the content but also the delivery from knowledgeable lecturers who genuinely care.

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"I chose to study Business Economics at NTU as I excelled at both Economics and Business Studies at A2, AS and GCSE Level's respectively. These courses stimulated my interest in global affairs, the macroeconomic climate and finance / banking. I particularly enjoyed studying the Macroeconomics, Global Finance and Banking modules whilst at NTU. I received a recommendation to visit NBS by friends who had been students previously. The fact that NTU has a specific school dedicated to Business was a real draw. A successful open day provided me with insight into the excellent facilities, vast resources and expertise / knowledge of lecturers at NBS which made my decision a relatively easy one to make.

"Through academic study my increased understanding of the economy, banking and finance has certainly aided my transition into Corporate Finance. The use of resources whilst undertaking assessments such as FAME, Mintel and journals has undoubtedly improved my research skills (which are fundamental in my current job role). Personally, my ability to project / time manage, prioritise workloads and plan ahead has certainly improved through University study. Transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, organisation and leadership are exercised naturally whilst undertaking study.

"Aside from a few particular interesting modules, the ability to choose your own area of study for a research project / dissertation was a personal highlight. My study was based on a grand literature review of the 'Rules versus Discretion' argument surrounding UK Macroeconomic policy. Apart from successfully completing my Research Project, the achievement of a First Grade in several exams was a particular highlight. Knowing that hours of revision / preparation had paid off was very satisfying.

"Apart from the great social life and sporting opportunities that are available at NTU, the chance to meet new people and enhance your own knowledge in a subject that interests you provides a buzz. In terms of NBS, I enjoyed the course, not only for the content but also the delivery from knowledgeable lecturers who genuinely care.

"I would definitely recommend studying at NBS as whilst I've been here I have gained skills and had experiences which enabled me to get to where I wanted to be in Corporate Finance today. The lecturing team and facilities are second to none. Personally, I had an offer to attend Loughborough University to study Economics but I chose NTU / NBS. I have not once regretted my decision."

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