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Scarlett Langa Grey

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United Kingdom

More about Scarlett

While I was working in education management in Tokyo, I had the opportunity to do an internship as a Community Relations Officer for a brand management company. This initially got me interested in going on to work in brand management. Having majored in Illustration and Animation in my undergraduate degree, I felt that I did not have the adequate skills to do my job properly. As such, I decided to go back to university and do my Masters in Brand Management. 

Nottingham Business School

I was initially interested in doing a course in Brand Management and it was important that I find the right university. I decided to apply for Branding and Advertising at Nottingham Business School because the course encompassed all aspects of marketing communications and would provide me with a more holistic learning experience. Furthermore, by the time I finished the course, I would have gained two postgraduate qualifications – the MSc qualification and the CIM Level 4 certification.

After doing my research about Nottingham Business School, I found that it was a highly ranked school and had many alumni in the same industry as what I wanted to do. With this in mind, it seemed a good place to kick start my new career journey.

Course structure

One of the best things about my course was its practical nature. Through the marketing simulation project, I was able to actually put into action all the theory I had learnt in class. Another positive aspect to my course was all the guidance I got from my tutors and lectures. There were so many surprising and fascinating things that my tutors taught me because they took the time to learn about me as an individual and thought to recommend it. I really appreciated it.

Unique opportunities

I had the opportunity to participate in multiple extracurricular activities facilitated by the University. My favourite was the industry mentoring scheme. The University gave me the opportunity to contact a member of their alumni who was working in the industry I wanted. I was able to meet with them, ask questions, and gain insights into digital PR and their day-to-day duties. They even invited me to their office, where I spent the day learning about the different things that go on in their department.

After the mentoring finished, I was also invited to take part in the RSVip networking events and meet with local businesses around Nottingham. I was able to make contacts and learn about job hunting around Nottinghamshire. 

Career aspirations and support

The school offered me a lot of help about academic and career planning. My academic tutor gave me advice about how to go about writing research proposals when I expressed interest in doing a PhD.

This degree has helped me to better understand what it is I want to do with my future career. When I first started, all I was sure of was that I wanted to work in marketing communications. After learning and understand more about it, I realised I want to go into academia and do research professionally. My mentor was extremely helpful and answered all my questions about potentially going into a PhD. She would advise me and share her knowledge about the research field I wanted to go into. Through her help, and many of other lecturers I was able to come to a decision to submit applications for PhD positions.

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