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United Kingdom
Whilst at Nottingham Business School, I gained many useful skills and built some lasting friendships.

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"I chose to study MSc Management and Entrepreneurial E-Business because I wanted to learn how organisations could successfully implement e-business systems to improve their functions and as a resource to gain competitive advantage.

"My studies have formed the basis of both my career aspirations and success, as the tangible and intangible skills I've picked up along the way make me feel better equipped to face the demands of work and life.

"Whilst at Nottingham Business School (NBS), I gained many useful skills and built some lasting friendships. The teaching and support staff were helpful, happy to listen and knowledgeable, and the facilities on campus were stunning. Now that I have graduated I can say that I feel truly enriched by my whole learning experience at NBS. I would describe my experience as memorable and highly impactful.

"While studying at NBS I particularly enjoyed my research methodology and consultancy project modules and this largely informed my decision to work in Management Consulting.

"I presently work for a Management Consulting firm, where I manage a portfolio of clients. It has become my responsibility to ensure that each client fully utilises all features of the service so that we truly add value.

"I would urge all new graduates aspiring for their first job not to be deterred by the unemployment figures or unsuccessful applications. Take advantage of the resources at Nottingham Business School, get as much help and advice as possible, and stay positive and all your hard work will be rewarded."

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