April Extall



United Kingdom
The opportunity to work on this kind of project has given me so many positive experiences.

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"I always knew that when I finished university I wanted to be my own boss. I already had a business idea that I felt could develop into a viable business.

"The opportunity to work on this kind of project has given me so many positive experiences. Being in a creative environment with other entrepreneurial driven people, has allowed me to be creative with my own business idea and develop it much further than originally expected.

"Working on the financial side of my business turned out to be a huge positive for my development too. There is a great support network at The Hive, with staff, business mentors and other businesses that helped me work through any problems.

"While working on the project, I have also developed an abundance of transferable skills that I can take away and use in all aspects of my life such as networking, selling and presentation skills. These are skills that I can apply to the rest of my degree programme, running my own business, should I choose to do so, and future employment.

"If you have a business idea and you are really passionate about it then the enterprise project is an opportunity you can't pass up."

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