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The uniqueness of the course has increased my employability for the future and I will be a motivated and adaptable businesswoman thanks to NTU.

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"I chose to study at NTU because of the uniqueness of the course, which gave me the opportunity to spend two years in France. I also loved being located in the city centre, as it made the University really accessible and gave me a chance to live in the middle of the city.

"I chose my course because it was flexible to my needs and would also allow me to continue learning a language while studying international business. My course is particularly special and unique, because it gave me the the chance to study at Kedge Business School in Marseille for two years, which included a six month internship. This has resulted in me becoming near-fluent in French and also allowed me to work with students from all over the world.

"I have enjoyed every module that I have had the chance to study at NTU, in particular Foundations of Managing and Organising, where we learnt about organisational culture and the most important aspects of running a business, such as CSR. I found this useful when studying Organisational Behaviour at Kedge Business School during my third year.

"All of my final year modules have been very interesting, there are key links between all of them, which has allowed me to improve my general understanding of international business. The Leadership and Employability module has been key for making my job applications, as it allowed me to learn about myself and the roles at which I am good and the roles / aspects that I need to work on. Having to complete Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours has given me the chance to listen to guest speakers from IBM, Experian etc. which has opened my mind to the importance of my studies in the future.

"I use NOW (NTU Online Workspace) every single day. It is my first point of contact in the morning, to check emails, my timetable, to print the day's lectures off. It has been invaluable to me every year.

"I have become independent while studying at NTU, everyone always says how much of a big step A Levels to university is, and I think that it shapes you as a person. I have improved my self-confidence through being a member of a sports team as well as through my course and other activities within the University. My academic profile has dramatically improved and I have been able to achieve my goals through hard-work and dedication.

"I graduate in July 2014 and have been offered a place on the graduate scheme at the BGL Group, where I will be part of a small group of graduates in a senior marketing executive position. The BGL Group own a portfolio of insurance brands such as Compare The Market and Bennetts, and I can't wait to start in September. I was contacted by the HR representative through LinkedIn where she was interested in my internship (six months in Paris for an SME manufacturing medical devices) and my unusual course that allowed for lots of international experience and a large knowledge and understanding of international markets.

"I wouldn't change studying at NTU for anything, it has helped me to improve myself both personally and professionally and I wouldn't be going into such a graduate scheme without all the tutors, students, faculty members who have helped me across my four years at NTU."

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