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You are constantly building personal and professional networks, as well as being surrounded by different cultures and experiences.

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"Before coming to the UK, I was studying for the International Baccalaureate at Pathways World School in India. After I graduated I knew I wanted to study economics abroad and I chose the UK because of its excellent teaching reputation and its status within the global economy.

"I chose NTU for the uniqueness of the course I'm studying, BA Economics, Finance and Banking. The course allows me to study a range of economic-based subjects but under one degree. Moreover, NTU also boasts an excellent employability rate in which 93% of undergraduate students are employed or engaged in further study six months after leaving the University. This was really attractive me. On top of that my course offered an opportunity to take a sandwich year, which allows me to work for a full year in the industry that I am studying. This year will not only help me understand my degree further but also give me hands-on experience that I can include on my CV when I am looking for a graduate job.

"Studying abroad is something that will push you out of your comfort zone but at the same time the experience is so worthwhile. Before I made my decision to study here I was given the following advice, 'The risks of breaking out of your comfort zone aren't nearly as bad as the risks of staying in it your whole life' and this could not be more true. You are constantly building personal and professional networks, as well as being surrounded by different cultures and experiences that shape your learning. In my opinion, stepping out of your comfort zone is the best decision you can make.

"I will be starting my work placement in July 2015 as a Campaign Manager at Teradata in London. The Employability Team at the University helped me find this job and they are available to assist you throughout the whole recruitment process with anything from CV-writing to interview skills. They can even help you find part-time employment while you are studying. I have already been working as a fundraiser in the local community which has been a great way to integrate into British life as well as earn some money while you are studying.

"As a city, Nottingham is beautiful. It's very traditional but with many modern facilities and a vibrant social scene. It's really easy to meet new people here – Nottingham has a huge student community across two large universities and this allows you to be around people from all types of diverse backgrounds. Meeting people from different cultures and countries allows you to understand what you are studying from numerous perspectives while at the same time learning how to accommodate and make friends on a global level. You learn something special from each individual you meet and this is something that will stay with me for life."

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