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Thesis Title: Corporate Governance Structures and Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Study of Chinese and the UK Listed Firms

I am a PhD student in the Nottingham Business School. My research interests focus on corporate governance and corporate entrepreneurship.

Since the late 1980s, corporate governance (CG) has attracted significant attention from academics, managers, investors and regulatory authorities given its importance in the management of organisations. Tricker (2012) defines CG as the structures through which a firm sets its strategic objectives as well as determining the means of attaining the objectives and monitoring performance. In this regard, CG is central to how firms allocate resources, and therefore shapes the strategic choices managers take in achieving the firm’s objectives. Keasey and Wright (1993) and Tricker (2012) view the role of CG along two broad dimensions. One dimension emphasises the stewardship and accountability role, stressing the need for CG as a mechanism to monitor managerial performance and ensure accountability to stakeholders.

The other dimension emphasises the corporate entrepreneurship (CE) role, considering CG as providing the mechanisms that motivate management to optimize shareholders wealth by sustaining corporate competitiveness. Tricker (2012) suggests both dimensions are critical for firms to secure survival and long-term performance. In this case, the design of CG structures should strike a balance between accountability and CE (Keasey and Wright, 1993).

In this research, I will take a comparative approach investigating corporate governance structures and corporate entrepreneurship by using a multiple theoretical approach and drawing data from different sources including stock exchanges and annual reports of listed firms.

This research is funded by Nottingham Trent University Vice Chancellor Scholarship.

Director of Studies
Professor Musa Mandena

Research Groups / Centres and Projects
Money, Finance and Risk Research Group

X. Chen and J. Johannesson (2012) Does the Separation of the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Roles Impact UK Banks’ Performance? International Corporate Governance and Regimes. 2 (1), ISSN 2045-4899.

X. Chen and J. Johannesson (2012) The Influence of Innovation on Customer Orientation: A Study of SMEs in the East Midlands. Contemporary Global Studies Review. 2 (1), ISSN 2045-2608.

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