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Yezi Tian (Erica)

Yezi (Erica)

I work for the University in China now. My job is very challenging and rewarding.

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Yezi (Erica) Tian
Erica talks about how NTU has influenced her career.

Yezi Tian, from Beijing, first studied at Nottingham Trent International College and progressed to BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance at the University. She now works as an NTU representative in China.

In this video, together with her colleague Jiaqin Wang, she talks about her experience and how studying here has shaped her future career.

Video transcript

Yezi Tian:  My name's Yezi Tian. I'm the China Project Officer for NTU and I'm based in Beijing.

Jiaqin Wang: My name's Jiaqin Wang. I'm working in the International Development Office as a China Marketing Assistant. I'm doing a Bachelors degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and I'm currently on work placement. I am a 'sandwich course' student which means my degree will be four years because it includes a one-year work placement in the middle of the course.

Yezi Tian: I studied the International Year One Business course at Nottingham Trent International College first and then I did a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance at NTU. While I was studying I worked part-time at NTIC. My main job was helping on the reception and helping the new international students.

Jiaqin Wang: Before I came here I heard Nottingham Trent University was famous for having one of the highest student employability rates in the UK.

Yezi Tian: The courses are very practical; they are designed to train you in the skills you need in the future. Also, my tutors all had a lot of work experience from business and industry therefore they fully understood what kind of skills I would need to get a job.

Helen Gibbard: Like many of our partner companies we know that our students make great employees, and in the international office employing our students teaches us a lot and they bring so much to the team.

Jiaqin Wang: NTU helped me to get a work placement in many ways; they have a group of staff called the Employability Team who help students with CVs and interview skills. You can book an appointment or simply turn up and ask for some advice. The placement is all about gaining excellent work experience and making my CV more outstanding.

Yezi Tian: In my job, my main responsibility is to build up the connections with the Chinese education agents. I consult and advise them by telephone, QQ, Wechat etc, and I also visit them to give them training and to answer any questions they may about the University. I also represent the university at UK education fairs. It's very challenging but it's a great opportunity for me to improve my work abilities.

Jiaqin Wang: I enjoy working for NTU. My colleagues are friendly and I can ask anyone in the office if I need help.

Helen Gibbard: Erica and Justin's impact has been amazing. They've both settled into our team really quickly and they've adapted well to working in an English speaking environment.

Yezi Tian: I enjoy working for NTU very much. There are a lot of challenges in this job but I have very supportive colleagues, they invited me to Nottingham to give me training and to get to know the staff in the office.

Jiaqin Wang: Everyone wants be outstanding and successful in their career - a work placement is the absolute cornerstone to help you set off on the first step of your career.

Yezi Tian: in the future I would like to set up and run an NTU office in China.

Both: Cheers

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