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Donna Chambers


United Kingdom
The progress that you can make as a researcher is astounding, from knowing very little to becoming a researcher, it's very rewarding.

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What route did you take into postgraduate study?

"I graduated with a BEd (Hons) and then completed an MA, both with NTU. I've been working as a headteacher since graduating in 1993. I'm currently studying for a professional doctorate while working full time."

What did you know about the Professional Doctorate Programme before you started?

"I knew very little, but what I did know what that I wanted to continue my studies with NTU."

What particularly appealed to you about the course?

"The small chuck approach and the opportunity to work with professional from a variety of backgrounds."

What are the strengths of your course?

"Working with professionals who are not from education. I've really enjoyed the discussion, questions and challenge. We have developed a really effective working group and you also develop a really strong relationship with supervisors.

The progress that you can make as a researcher is astounding, from knowing very little to becoming a researcher, it's very rewarding."

Are there any specific examples of topics, projects etc. covered on your course, which you particularly enjoyed?

"Methodology and accessing research in your own field of interest. Learning about yourself, your positionality, what unconscious bias you bring to the research. The right to challenge and questions the work of others. The workshops are also very beneficial."

What skills have you learned as a result of this course?

"I've learned how to be a more focused writer and how to make the most of time. I've also learned how to communicate what you believe in while supporting this with literature."

In what way are you supported by the academic staff in your faculty?

"Supervisors are always available and supportive, but you will not 'spoon feed' you. They will challenge, questions and probe (but always with a smile on their face).

They have the capacity to look as though your research the most important piece of work that they are involved in. That is some achievement considering the amount of students they will have.

They give you advice on what to read and information on who excels in that field etc.

Driving and encouraging you to do more than you think you are capable of - i.e publishing you work. 

I could go on..."

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