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This specialized degree definitely gave me a big boost when I was looking for jobs, particularly because it is internationally recognised.

More about Nafisa

Nafisa graduated from the University in 2012. She found out about this course from one of our representatives having previously attended Fergusson College in India. Nafisa now works as a child counsellor at the Dr Shamrao Kalmadi School in Pune.

Tell us about your current job
"I conduct play therapy sessions with children aged three-to-six with behaviour problems, emotional issues, etc. I also conduct personality enhancement workshops for teachers at the school. I've been given entire responsibility and freedom to work out my plans the way I want to. This probably was possible because of the international recognition of this degree. Without this I would have got a job in a school which is less recognised and doesn't dedicate itself too much in counselling, unlike the current school I work with."

Do you think your time at NTU helped you to pursue this career?
"Yes, definitely. In India there are no specific child psychology courses. I always knew I wanted to do psychology but also knew that a big part of me was inclined to work with children. My specialist essay was done on the effectiveness of play therapy and because of this extensive study I've been able to plan my play therapy sessions effectively. I was concerned about employment prospects before I started the course but definitely after completing this degree it gave a big boost to my resume when I was looking for jobs."

What did you do in the year immediately after graduating?
"I started off as an intern psychologist at a child care centre at a renowned hospital in Pune before moving to my current position. I had a plan of what I wanted to do when I graduated but never foresaw that I would be employed so soon. I am 25 years of age and thanks to NTU I am getting great opportunities and a kick start to my career as a child psychologist."

Did you enjoy your time at NTU?
"Yes, I completely did."

Would you send your children to NTU?
"In all probability, yes. Particularly if they wanted to study Fashion or Architecture as I know from friends on these courses that the University is very well ranked in these areas too."

Can you describe NTU in three words?
"Interactive – Knowledgeable – Fun."

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