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"I came to NTU after 18 years in industry, two years working for an Engineering Support Unit at Coventry University, ten years working for an automotive component manufacturer and 5 years running my own commercial vehicle cleaning company in Leicestershire.

"While studying for the PGCE I gained a job from my first interview at a local school that was prepared to keep the position open until I completed the PGCE. I was promoted to Assistant Subject Leader on completion of my induction year! Next year I will introduce my Engineering subject specialism to the department, which is testament to the excellent training provided by NTU and the schools involved in the partnership. In five years I hope to be Subject Leader.

"The pace of the course has been faster and more structured than my undergraduate experience. The support has been fantastic both at subject and cohort level. Less competitiveness amongst other PGCE students lends itself to team working which has been invaluable throughout.

"Having a wife and two children to support financially has been hard but life changes have been made to accommodate. Time management has been challenging with term holidays being spent working on assignments / planning etc. The structure of the course has been designed really well to ensure that assignment deadlines are directly after the holiday, which worked really well for me. The support and guidance provided from my course leader and her team has helped to focus on the tasks that have been relevant to the week / month in hand.

"Only a few universities offer Engineering as a PGCE. I believe that there is a shortfall of young engineers within the industry. I feel that by becoming a teacher I can inspire some young blood into considering the industry.

"You learn from good, knowledgeable lecturers that have been outstanding teachers in the past. The structure, pace and relevant milestones of the course has made it meaningful to the required stages of personal development. Subject areas covered in depth on the course include ECM, monitoring and assessment, workshop skills, health & safety, electronics, food safety, reflective practice, behaviour management, policies, pedagogy and so much more! The skills you learn on the PGCE course include pedagogy, classroom management, behaviour management, National curriculum, 14 to 19 strategy, electronics, health and safety, AFL, lesson planning etc which are all relevant to current and future working.

"I wouldn't be in a position to teach without the PGCE. The structure, support and guidance throughout makes the PGCE at NTU challenging, achievable and thoroughly enjoyable."


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