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Rachel Meaton


United Kingdom
The experience I have gained working alongside knowledgeable teachers who have been in the profession for many years, is exceptional.

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"NTU has a brilliant reputation as having one of the best Primary Education courses in the country. When I came to visit on an open day I was blown away with the brilliant opportunities this course had to offer as part of the degree. For example, the residential field trip in first year and the opportunity to do a special placement in third year. The current students were enthusiastic about the course and felt that the lecturers were brilliant at preparing you for placement. A four year degree appealed to me as I felt that it would provide me with more experience to feel ready to enter a demanding profession."

"As part of my degree we are required to do a certain amount of days in a UK primary school over the four years. During seminars we learn about how the children learn in order to become successful teachers as well as preparing subject knowledge and strategies for classroom management. Placement in year one is in Early Years and Key Stage 1. You start with teaching small groups of children and as your confidence grows you can then progress to teaching whole classes. I am excited for year 2 placements this year as we will be placed in a Key Stage 2 class. Gaining experience in both key stages will help to make the decision of what I want to specialise in for third year."

"At the end of third year we have a special placement that can be completed outside the UK if we wish."

"The course covers all aspects of what it means to be a primary school teacher. I feel that the course encourages you to be independent in making progress both academically and towards being an outstanding teacher. The experience I have gained working alongside knowledgeable teachers who have been in the profession for many years, is exceptional. The skills I have learnt from placement and at university I know I can carry with me as a trainee and then as a qualified teacher."

"NTU has a massive range of societies you can join and things to get involved with. I joined Dance society last year where you can perform in shows and at varsity and be part of a competition series with universities across the country. Nottingham is a very student friendly city with a great night life you could never get bored of!"

"My lecturers are extremely passionate about primary school teaching and every seminar is invaluable in helping us towards becoming teachers. All staff members have an open door policy and you feel that you can ask them about any queries you might have, whether that is to do with the course or university life in general. My personal tutor helped me to find a house for my second year at university! University tutors come to observe you on placement and give you advice on how to make the most progress as a trainee."

"This course is brilliant if you see yourself becoming a Primary School teacher in the future! It takes that ounce of passion you have working with children and moulds it into a creative, committed teacher who strives to inspire children."

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