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Carla Penhor de Menezes

Penhor de Menezes

Sao Tome and Principe
Guest lecturers gave us a holistic view of this industry and made it so interesting.

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"I really enjoyed my time studying LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). I had several different university choices but I decided on NTU because of its location, friendly people and because I felt so welcomed by the staff throughout my application process.

"My favourite modules were Oil and Gas and Mining Investment II. It gave me a better understanding of the process of exploration and investment in the industry. The lecturer, Professor Ong, provided case studies from countries where my classmates were from which made it engaging and allowed us to see things from an international perspective. We also had practical aspects taught by guest lecturers such as Mr Anozie, who offered us practical insight about drafting contracts in the oil industry, oil extraction and transportation. The taught modules and guest lecturers gave us a holistic view of this industry and made it so interesting. I am currently working on my dissertation which is a critical assessment about the viability of exploring oil in Sao Tome, Africa from an environmental framework.

"I would strongly recommend studying at NTU. The environment and activities make for an amazing student experience. Plus the education system in the UK advocates for students and their successes. The staff are so professional and reliable and provide you with all the tools for success. The staff in the International Development Office treated me with such warmth and helped me understand how the UK system works. It really influenced my decision and made me feel secure knowing someone here before I arrived.

"My classmates in the LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law programme are from all over the world and we have formed a really special bond over our mutual interest in the sector. We were lucky to attend the 2015 Energy Conference in London, the NTU Africa Party and the University's Global Week. Plus we often meet up to socialise and do group work. I have loved my time here at NTU and I now consider myself a global citizen of the world."

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