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Course studied: Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

We now offer: LLM Bar Professional Training Course - LLM

United Kingdom
The Law School has excellent connections to the profession. I have been mentored by QC’s, judges and many more esteemed legal professionals as a result of support from NLS.

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I currently sit as the UK’s Youth Delegate to the Congress of the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe is Europe’s leading human rights organisation and the ‘Congress’ is made up of representatives from local authorities across Europe. Its role is to promote local and regional democracy. An underlying belief within the Congress is that widespread change first happens at a ‘community’ level, and that is why Congress’ work is so important.

Appointed to advocate the views of UK youth, I regularly attend the Palace of Europe in Strasbourg. I research, write and deliver speeches on issues I have expertise in (many of which are legal), work on projects promoting social cohesion and assist the work of other youth delegates with projects in their respective countries.

My role requires an ability to make strong, persuasive arguments in public / to large audiences. My second year assessed moot at Nottingham Law School (NLS) drilled this ability in to me. Mooting may sometimes seem a chore during your studies, but the ability to develop strong arguments is something that law students learn much sooner than others and is a skill transferable to so many other walks of life. The BPTC cemented this skill. NTU staff regularly send out emails looking for writers for the NLS blog etc. Participate! Your time at university is an excellent ‘training ground’ to practise these skills and it was my experience writing for the NLS blog that gave me the confidence to start writing for the Huffington Post and Nottingham Post.

NTU staff were a great source of support and have certainly helped give me the confidence to make arguments to senior decision makers. The encouragement from staff has given me the ‘backbone’ to feel confident making my arguments to senior decision makers. I must express particular thanks to Julie Higginbottom who I saw fortnightly during my NLSl years. Meetings with her have played a key role in my professional and personal development.

I would encourage everybody to learn at least one other language. Whilst we as English speakers are fortunate, in that most other European’s can speak our language as well as their own, I certainly feel at times that my Council of Europe experience is limited as a result of speaking only one language.

The 24 hr library is great. Believe it or not, a 24 hr library is a luxury not shared by students in a variety of other UK universities. A 24 hr library allows you to take greater ownership of your life – meaning you can study when you want to as oppose to at the times dictated by opening hours.

The Legal Advice Centre is also an invaluable resource. Not only is pro bono work a fulfilling experience, but a great (arguably essential) addition to applications. We are fortunate to so easily be able to participate alongside our studies.

The Law School has excellent connections to the profession. I have been mentored by QC’s, judges and many more esteemed legal professionals as a result of support from NLS. Had I been at another institution, I cannot be sure I would have come across these opportunities.

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