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Megan Smyth


United Kingdom
The course itself has such a great and accessible support network that any questions you have can be easily answered. I have found the course so interesting due to its wide coverage of subject areas within the first year.

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How did you enter into Clearing?

I applied to five universities, including Nottingham Trent University (NTU). I decided on two other universities for my first choice and insurance choice and then entered into clearing on results day.

Why did you choose to apply to NTU?

I chose to apply to NTU because there are many law related opportunities within each course, including studying abroad and combining law with other subject areas. There is the opportunity to study for four years and use your third year to do a placement to help make you more employable when leaving university. The University, especially the City Campus where Nottingham Law School is based, has everything in one area within a two-minute walking distance and I loved this factor. Similarly when visiting the University I realised how amazing the facilities are that NTU has to offer, with everything you need in a teaching room and more. NTU also has such a high graduate employability rate. This reputation made me want to study here.

Can you tell us what you experienced during the Clearing process?

In clearing I knew that NTU would be the perfect choice due to the fact that I had already visited the University on one of the open days. I called the NTU Clearing Hotline and spoke to a lovely, calm lady who asked me what course I wanted to apply for. Her mild manner made her easy to talk to at such a stressful time, putting me at ease, which was really helpful. After receiving an offer from NTU I then received a phone call from one of the course academics. I was able to ask more questions about the course and what it was like to study law at NTU. He also gave me his email address for any further questions I had. This made me feel so welcomed by the University before I had even started the course. I then knew NTU was the perfect university for me.

How have you settled into your course and NTU?

I have settled very well into my course at NTU. I enjoy the subject and have adapted to the style of learning at university with it being so different to how we are taught at school. It does not take long to be settled into such a new routine, which can be daunting at first. However with the tutors being available at the drop of an email for any questions you have, it makes settling in that little bit easier.

What do you like most about the course?

I love the many opportunities that are available within the course. I am going to Geneva this summer on a Summer School Programme in which I get to visit places such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation, Red Cross and CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research). This is such a brilliant opportunity, as it will help to improve my CV and differentiate me from other applicants when applying for jobs. This is what is so fantastic about NTU; there are so many relevant opportunities outside of your course, which other Universities did not offer.

The course itself has so many interesting aspects within each subject. I never feel like the work is a chore and that is when you know the course is right for you. The subject areas I find the most interesting include Public Law, in light of Britain’s current situation involving Brexit, and Contract Law, which is such an interesting subject because we have the opportunity to do a Moot. I found this particularly appealing as in reality this is what Lawyers do in their job role.

What do you think about the course staff and how do they support your learning and university experience?

The staff offer so much support at NTU. The lectures are engaging and you can always contact lecturers with any questions you have. You also have a personal tutor, who you meet up with every term. They can offer any advice and support throughout the academic year. Similarly, seminar tutors offer great support inside and outside of the seminars and with their approachable demeanours you feel you can ask any questions you have on the course with ease.

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

The University’s City Campus is in such close proximity to the city centre that it means you have access to all the city has to offer. Nottingham is a lovely, vibrant city and is such a joy to live in. There is so much to do outside of the University accommodating all interests.

Would you recommend coming to NTU?

I would most definitely recommend NTU to someone looking to study law because the university offers so much more than just a degree. Joining the LEX Law Society offers you no end of chances to take part in events outside the course. The course itself has such a great and accessible support network that any questions you have can be easily answered. I have found the course so interesting due to its wide coverage of subject areas within the first year.

What advice would you give someone thinking about going through Clearing?

Clearing can be a very stressful time but never feel disheartened by this. Start your research before you enter into clearing and make sure you have backup decisions and course ideas.

Definitely think of applying to NTU as it is such a brilliant university and they have so much more to offer including a fantastic, versatile degree.

What are you most looking forward to in the few years at NTU?

I am most looking forward to being able to learn about so many more subject areas. Not only this but, in third year, I can choose all of the modules I want to study to tailor my degree to what legal career I would like to pursue in the future. I have two weeks work experience in London and in my hometown lined up this summer, as I would like to take part in the scheme where I receive an award for taking part in six weeks work experience before year three. I am looking forward to more mooting available throughout the course and the challenges that await in the next two years at NTU.

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