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Peter Makosah


Course studied: LLB (Hons) Law with Journalism

I found it easy to adapt to life in Nottingham as it has diversity and everything that you would need as a student.

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What were you doing before coming to NTU?

Before coming to the UK I was a practicing journalist for a national newspaper in Malawi. I wanted to challenge myself and do something different after 10 years as a journalist. I originally came to Nottingham and studied at Confetti, doing a National Diploma in Media Production (Film and TV). I never really expected to study Law but as a journalist I worked in criminal justice and court reporting so I was interested to know more about the other side of it all. Some friends I had met in Nottingham recommended NTU so I started looking into the possibility of combining my media experience with law.

Why did you choose to study this course?

Nottingham Law School (NLS) came out on top in many of the universities that I looked into. I read many success stories about current students and alumni through the NTU website. It is also a huge advantage that this course can lead onto the Legal Practice Course so I can continue my studies in this field. I did not hesitate in accepting my offer to study at NTU.

What is your favourite part of the course?

The facilities at NLS are excellent and this makes the teaching and learning very practical. Public Law has been one of my favourite modules so far. I knew it would be challenging but with the mixture of lectures, seminars and with the fantastic resources on offer at NTU I have really enjoyed working through this topic.

What would you like to do in the future?

I would really love to become a lawyer and this course has helped to confirm that. The extra opportunities and support that you get has also helped me realise this. I am part of the Law Society who hold discussion groups, working groups, social activities and are a great forum for finding out about placements and networking events. I also compete across the UK with the university’s mooting club. This allows me to practise my public speaking skills in a mock court situation, solving legal issues by presenting my argument to an audience. I am really proud to be part of this as it uses transferable skills from my course, giving me confidence in what I am learning and my aspiration to be a lawyer.

What advice would you give someone thinking of studying at NTU?

Don’t think twice about coming here! It is a great, modern and student focussed university. I found it easy to adapt to life in Nottingham as it has diversity and everything that you would need as a student. I have met many friends on my course and whilst working in the library. People are very friendly, you can strike up a conversation anywhere to meet new friends. It means I feel part of the big NTU family now.

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Peter Makosah
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