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Thesis title: A Proposed Legislative Framework to Protect Digital Copyright on the Internet in Thailand: A Comparative Approach
Prasert is a PhD student in the Nottingham Law School. Prasert's thesis argues that Thailand does not have adequate specific measures to protect copyright work on the Internet. The measures target end-users infringing activities in client-server and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing. The aim of the research is to design a bespoke legal framework for effective copyright protection measures for the Thai jurisdiction.

The author considers three mechanisms as models for digital copyright protection. First, the Graduated Response approach to deter P2P file sharing adopted in France and the United States. Secondly the banning of fragrantly infringing websites approach used in Singapore and finally, the Notice and Take Down approach used in the United States to deter distribution under the client-server model.

The aim of the comparative approach is to reveal the degree of functionality together with their limitations and then develop a new model which will be critically evaluated in the context of Thailand. The outcome is a proposed digital copyright legislative framework for Thailand.

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Janice Denoncourt

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Intellectual Property Research Group

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