Avgoustina Panagiotou



Cyprus (European Union)

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Why did you choose to study in the UK and specifically NTU?

"I was always interested in studying in the UK because of the remarkable opportunities the country has to offer in terms of education. Nottingham Trent University was recommended to me by a student counsellor among other universities. I started looking online doing my own research around biomedical science. When I started exploring NTU I fell In love with it straight away and Nottingham. I didn't even consider going anywhere else.

Some of my friends that had already studied here highly recommended the University and the city as a great place to study. The course content and the facilities around it amazed me, so it was an easy decision for me to study here."

Was it easy for you to settle in and make friends as an international student?

"Before arriving at the University there were different events and meetings arranged by NTU in Cyprus. This gave us the opportunity to meet with other students and also the chance to familiarize ourselves with how life would be in Nottingham.

I found the international orientation really helpful when I arrived. Through it I met a lot of people from Cyprus and Greece, which was a great way to make friends. Studying abroad can be quite scary and meeting people with the same background helped the settling in process. I also made friends with people from different backgrounds by joining societies the university offered," therefore making friends here is an easy process.

What is interesting about your course?

"What I most value about studying here is that the facilities are excellent. As are the lectures and the support we get from the University and the teachers. They are always around to give you extra guidance and inspire you to be successful. I would say the greatest strength about my course is the laboratory lessons and the way they are taught, providing all the transferable skills required for a placement or future jobs.

There are also a range of topics covered and the lecturers are willing to help 24/7. From this degree I learned vital skills such as how to be a skilled scientific academic writer. Therefore I highly recommend Biomedical Science course."

Do you believe studying at NTU will help you in your future?

"One of the greatest achievement since being a student here has been getting an international scholarship award, becoming a student ambassador and the amazing opportunity to work on an international marketing campaign. These opportunities have provided me with work experience which is very important in terms of applying for a job. Likewise, in my studies I am now able to be more confident about myself which will help a lot in my future plans of becoming a doctor."

What advice would you give to other international students?

"My advice to other international students is to not be afraid to make the big step. Nottingham Trent University provides amazing opportunities to students.

Nottingham is a student city providing all the requirements for students such as social life, shopping and entertainment. I recommend NTU with no doubts - it was one of the best choices I have ever made."

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