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Thesis Title: Applying Computational Intelligence to NP-Complete Optimisation in a Warehouse Environment

"I am a PhD student in the School of Science and Technology undertaking a research project entitled Applying Computational Intelligence to NP - Complete Optimisation problems in a Warehouse Environment.

"My research interests are in combinatorial optimisation using evolutionary and nature-inspired algorithms (notably genetic algorithms).

"I am currently working on a real-world application of a combinatorial optimisation problem in industry known as the Container Loading Problem (CLP), which is an active research area in which the practical applications of mathematical models have been shown to be computationally feasible only for problems of very small sizes. This is because the time required for solving such problems using exact mathematical algorithms increases very quickly with problem size.

"This research therefore aims to address the CLP using Computational Intelligence techniques such as Evolutionary Algorithms, for finding near-optimum solutions to the problem."

Director of Studies
Dr Richard Cant

Research Groups / Centres and Projects
Computational Intelligence and Applications Research Group

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