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Brighet Lutakome



If you have a passion for science or going into the research of medicine then I recommend you do Biochemistry

More about Brighet

"I'm currently doing six modules covering different topics including gene expression and the study of standard DNA application. We also get to use different equipment including centrifugation and PCR. We also carry out chromatography. The course is really building on the knowledge you've gained during your A levels and GCSEs.

"I feel my communication skills have improved because we give lots of presentations on the course. I'm more able to express myself – for example in interviews. My lab skills have also improved. There wasn't that much equipment at college, but now I've got access to a wide variety.

"I like the diversity on the course. I've not really had the opportunity to mix with people from different countries and cultures before. It's nice. You get to socialise with people you never thought you'd be able to."

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