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Channary Tauch


The UK is well known for its quality education so it was my first choice as my study destination

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"I’m from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Before, pursuing my masters I was working as a junior web developer and digital marketer. The UK is well known for its quality education so it was my first choice as my study destination."

"I found out about NTU from Springboard Cambodia. They recommended a few universities but I saw NTU as one of the leading UK universities in design and technology. Springboard helped me throughout the application process and the visa application too."

"I like the way my course is structured; having one hour lecture, then a one hour workshop with an extra two hours for seminars. There is extra time for practical work which helps to build on the core concepts that are taught in lectures. At NTU we have access to many good resources, great journals and free licensed software making it easier to do research. I have had to learn to break down projects into smaller, manageable sections to be able to complete tasks on time."

"I worked on an assessment that simulated industry issues. This was a challenging module but it helped me to understand the complexity of a real business and trains my problem solving skills, which I know are essential for my future career. After finishing my degree, I plan to go back to my home country and start a tech company that offers software solutions for business needs."

"Nottingham is a student city so it makes me feel the sense of belonging. It offers both great city life and attraction sites for those who like to explore. My advice to other students would be, talk to people and go out once in a while to explore the city and adapt yourself to the weather and culture. But also in your own home, personalise your room, stick up positive quotes. It’s a place where you’ll spend most of the time in. Having homely place to return to will keep you motivated."

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