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The facilities at NTU are fantastic and the environment is always perfect for the module being studied.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on aspects of the course, including the crime scene investigation and forensic photography modules. The lecturers made every effort to try and create real life scenarios using current methods and equipment which helped us to get a good idea of what we could be doing in the future.

"I would really recommend this course because it allows you to have a taster of many different areas that forensics can offer. For example, my final year project was "Patterns formed in drying blood" and I was given complete control of where I wanted to take the project and the support I had helped me get there.

"In my third year I completed a 12-month placement in an analytical chemistry lab as an analyst for Eurofins Agroscience Services Ltd. I applied for this placement myself after seeing it advertised at NTU and received full support in helping me to adapt my CV to stand out when applying for a technical science position. Despite enjoying my time working in chemistry it didn't change my plans to work in forensic science, however, it did give me the opportunity to consider that line of work in the future.

"As the course went on and the more I learnt about forensic science, the more I knew I wanted to be involved so I was really driven to get the job I wanted by the time I had finished my degree. I believe the additional roles I decided to undertake while I was at NTU, such as being a fresher rep for the Forensic Society, helped me stand out.

"I am now employed as a Forensic Scientist by Key Forensic Services Ltd, which I started the week after I graduated. I am currently specialising in the forensic analysis and comparison of seized footwear to impressions recovered from crime scenes.

"If I have one piece of advice for future forensic science students it would be - do what you can to make yourself stand out from the crowd and work at adding extra points of experience to your CV. However little, it all helps you get your dream job."


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