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Charlie Lavilla Jr

Lavilla Jr

Studying at NTU has provided me with the confidence that I am on the right path to becoming an academic researcher within my chosen discipline

More about Charlie

I did my undergraduate and Masters-level study at MSU-ITT (Philippines) in Chemistry where I have been an Assistant Professor since June 2009 before joining NTU for my PhD (Biomedical Science) study.

I chose Nottingham Trent University as a result of gaining the British Council’s DOST-Newton Fund PhD Scholarship – being a full-time and fully funded student is a great advantage for my pursuit of a PhD degree.

Why NTU? Why a PhD in Biomedical Science?

I chose NTU because first, the staff – my supervisor especially – was very interactive, supportive and responsive. I wanted to work with NTU’s world-leading researchers because of their renowned commitment to delivering the best possible student experience.

What fascinated me about the course is that aside from it being totally new to me and thus would be very challenging; the knowledge and skills that I would gain would be essential to my future scientific research career, in improving lives in the Philippines.

Next, NTU offered state-of-the-art research facilities and UK standard quality of training. I am very thankful for the use of the very conducive Postgraduate learning room with the provision of my own IT facility which is very useful, meeting and lecture room use for learning and group discussion. The laboratories are equipped with all the materials and facilities you might possibly need in your project, and the library grants you access to high-impacted journals and other learning resources. I could never have experienced NTU’s excellent teaching facilities had I not become an NTU student.

How will a PhD benefit you?

So far, studying at NTU has provided me with the confidence that I am on the right path to becoming an academic researcher within my chosen discipline. I’ve been fortunate to be given the opportunity to develop and build my experience, expertise and academic standing in an outstanding academic environment.

Ultimately, I aspire to become a principal investigator leading an international research group back in the Philippines, collaborating and consulting on major multi-centre research initiatives and mentoring future undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I plan to become a valued asset to my home institution and at the same time inspire fellow researchers and future researchers. In addition, I will seek to incorporate my work in biomedical science within our newly established Drug Discovery Research Center at MSU-ITT, thereby developing a drug discovery pipeline for diabetes and its complications based on similar multidisciplinary approaches.

Any advice for prospective PhD students?

From an international point-of-view, students seeking admission or seeking to obtain a postgraduate research degree to any UK University, here are my tips:

  • Firstly, choose your research advisor wisely –choose a professor with whom you have a genuine interest in working with, whose research is relevant to your research. Contact current and former students who they have mentored
  • Next, there is a rewarding experience when you get out of your comfort zone by starting to learn new things
  • Finally, enjoy your time in the UK, British culture has taught me to enjoy my PhD rather than be too stressed.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418
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