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I enjoyed the Law input as I had a big interest in criminal law. I worked as a Special Constable throughout my time at NTU.

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Job title: Police Officer
Employer: Nottinghamshire Police

"The Forensic Science degree was great in that the modules encompassed a variety of different disciplines, which would have enabled me to follow various careers following graduation, not just science. For me personally, I enjoyed the Law input as I had a big interest in criminal law. I worked as a Special Constable throughout my time at NTU.

"I was lucky enough to have some very supportive teaching staff and lecturers during my time at NTU. Without them I probably would not have had the confidence to progress as I have done.

"I joined Nottinghamshire Police in January 2010 as a Police Officer. I spent the first three years as a response officer, attending 999 calls and being a primary response to victims of crime. Strangely, my 'area' was Clifton so I recognised the area. In May 2013, I moved into a role involving a lot of contact with prisons and most of my time was spent talking to burglars and robbers serving long sentences. In February 2014 I moved onto CID where my official title is 'Trainee Investigator'. I should be a fully qualified detective by the end of the year!

"I was very lucky to be selected to work in uniform during the London 2012 Olympics. It was a huge honour to live and breathe the atmosphere for three weeks and show people around the world what us 'British bobbies' do. It was however, extremely demanding in terms of physical and mental stress to the body due to the nature and the hours worked!

"No day is ever the same in the police which is why I love my job! There is no point in ever making plans because you could walk into work and end up involved in anything from 20 people locked up for football disorder to a murder! In general though, my day starts off with a briefing over incidents that have occurred over the last 24 hours and then I go from there. If I need to get involved in 'live' jobs then I do, if not then a lot of my time is spent building files for court - or I'll be out there in my suit arresting people and getting my hands dirty with the uniformed cops (my favourite part of the job!).

"My career highlight to date is being able to work during the London 2012 Olympics and having a photograph taken (in uniform) outside 10 Downing Street. I also stroked the Prime Minister's cat!"

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