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"Since graduation, I have been a research assistant and a lecturer in Physics at the University of Northumbria.

"I am an international student, originally from France, and did vocational studies in water treatment, studied engineering for a while and then moved towards chemistry. After a foundation year in mechanics and electronics I focused on polytechnics in physics measurements.

"The most obvious skill I have acquired during the course is learning a new language to a fluent level. I also developed a greater interest for sciences which has allowed me to believe in my abilities more and has lead me to study towards doing PhD.

"I would definitely recommend my degree to new students as it is a complex but rewarding one. It allows you to explore new concepts and ideas and allowed me to see beyond the notion I had prior to the course.

"Advice for prospective students? Keep focused on the broader picture. Regular work is more effective than intense short period before exams. Find the right balance between work, studies and social activities. Also avoiding being isolated, there is help at hand."

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