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It's pretty exciting studying Pharmacology at NTU because every day is a surprise... the staff are amazing and very helpful.

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"Attending an open day at Nottingham Trent University was very important when making my decision to study here. I loved the place and the atmosphere around Nottingham.

"The study of drugs has always appealed to me, so when I heard about Pharmacology course here I just knew I had to do it. Being able to gain first-hand experience in labs is a huge strength, which allows us to put theory into practice. Some of the equipment we use includes:

  • PCR machines - useful in modules that involve DNA analysis
  • Centrifuge- useful for all the modules used for separation
  • Organ baths - used for studying the effects of drugs on different organs
  • the usual, pipetts, absorbance readers and microscopes.

"I am now able to design my own experiments, use the laboratory equipment with precision, write laboratory reports, and work both independently and with colleagues. I have also gained fundamental science knowledge.

"It's pretty exciting studying Pharmacology at NTU because every day is a surprise. You always learn new things and new skills and the staff are amazing and very helpful."

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