Diana Chan



Hong Kong
The wealth of experience I obtained during my degree was demonstrated by the fact that I was offered an excellent job before I had graduated.

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"I spent the second year of my course studying at our partner university in Canada (Trent University, Ontario) and then spent my third year on a work placement in Europe, for which I was awarded a Diploma in Professional Practice with a Distinction, before returning for my final year of study and winning the best prize for BSc (Hons) Forensic Science (Physical) student and Best Research / Dissertation, achieving a First Class Honours for my degree.

"I am now working as a trainee toxicologist carrying out safety assessments on my company's products. Although the job doesn't seem to directly relate to Forensic Science, the skills I learned from my course are indeed applicable. For example, to write a review of the ingredient composition of a product, the chemistry and toxicology knowledge are fundamental to know how the chemicals would react with human skin (in most cases), or how they would react if the product is misused. As a consumer product safety assessor, I am taking legal responsibility of the product. If there are any legal issues involved, the court room skills I acquired, along with my knowledge on health and safety, during the course will be very helpful."

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