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Edward Cefai


Course studied: BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

We now offer: BEng (Hons) Electronic and Electrical Engineering

United Kingdom
This is an innovative course that puts students in direct contact with professional companies right from the start.

More about Edward-Joseph

The brand new facilities and modern campus drew me to NTU, but what attracted me  the most was the openness of the course which offered much more than other universities. It’s an innovative course which puts students in direct contact with professional companies right from the start.

We have general engineering topics which are shared with the other engineering courses, as well as electronic modules where we study the construction of different components.  Another module involves laboratory group work where we look at case studies and reverse engineer existing products.  Our current project, which is being company-led by AutoDesk during a three-day workshop, involves working on a CAD concept design using Fusion 360 design software.

A useful skill I’ve learnt on the course is how to work with other engineering students from different courses when designing and creating a product. This is important as expertise from each subject can be brought together to improve the final design.

After completing this course I'd like to specialise in Aerospace Engineering with a view to working in the airline or space industry.

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