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Emily Norton


United Kingdom
The superlab is really good. Plus you get to use the crime scene house to assess a scene like a real crime scene

More about Emily

Emily completed the FdSc course and transferred directly to the BSc Forensic Science course. However, instead of entering into her second year at NTU, Emily decided to opt for the Canada exchange programme and is currently studying at Trent University, Ontario. So far in Canada Emily has made many friends, involved herself fully in the local culture and reports that she is having a fabulous time.

Emily will complete a range of modules in Canada that closely resemble those modules that her colleagues are taking here, before returning to NTU to complete her final year of her BSc in Forensic Science...unless of course she decides to spend the third academic year on placement, which is another option.

"The great thing about this course is that you get to learn as well as enjoy yourself. We've studied topics such as fingerprint development, where we use crime lights and other facilities to help see fingerprints that are invisible to the naked eye. We also get to use the cameras to take proper crime scene shots and then write about them professionally.

"Using the superlab is really great. We do a lot of biology in there, studying things like bacteria and viruses. We also use the crime scene house a lot. The technicians set it up like a real crime scene and you get to assess the scene as you would in real life.

"The course has given me extra confidence and determination that will be important if I'm going to get a good job in the future. There's also a great group of people on the course. Everyone's good friends – even the lecturers."

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