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Gabrielle Cain-Patrick


Course studied: BSc (Hons) Computer Systems (Forensic and Security)

We now offer: BSc (Hons) Computer Systems (Cyber Security)

United Kingdom
I've been offered a full-time position with my placement company upon completion of my degree.

More about Gabrielle

"My placement was with First Advantage Litigation Consulting in London and ran from August 2010 - October 2011. My main role in the eDiscovery team was to process the data received from the forensic team. This data would consist of email containers, loose emails, efiles and scanned documents. We would use SQL to insert and verify different metadata tags requested by the clients. This significantly improved my SQL programming skills which I gained in my first year.

"From a professional aspect, I enjoyed working with the different teams which allowed me to gain a variety of skills. The most enjoyable part of the placement as a whole was being able to work within a close knit team and make an impact on the workload. First Advantage made me feel part of the team instantly, which eased my concerns about working in a new environment.

"My biggest challenge was being asked to work in Bangalore, India, for a month with our litigation team there. As the data was unable to leave India we needed a more experienced employee to oversee the processing of it. We successfully completed the processing of the data, although there were a number of difficulties we had to face.

"I would definitely recommend undertaking a work placement. It is a great experience and I've been offered a full-time position with First Advantage upon completion of my degree.

"If I had any advice for anyone considering a placement, it's this - work hard! If you don't understand something don't be afraid to ask for help. Enjoy the year because it's over too quickly."

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