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Han Thi Ngoc Dinh

Thi Ngoc Dinh

I learned quite a lot of laboratory techniques during my research project at NTU and I find them quite helpful in my work placement.

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Work placement: Cancer Research Assistant at The University of Birmingham

I worked for one year as a medical representative before deciding to study for my master’s at NTU in order to improve my career prospects.

One of my Vietnamese friends suggested NTU to me. So I did further research on the Internet and found the Msc in Pharmacology. I was impressed by the teaching facilities with the latest equipment in biological and chemical analysis and also the close links with employers. And, as I studied pharmacy in Vietnam for five years, I found it quite interesting to study pharmacology.

I like the studying environment at NTU. I made good friends and have had a good time. My course was very informative and interesting as well.

I found my placement at The University of Birmingham thanks to the support of the NTU Employability Team. I applied for the position through Inplace then I went for an interview.

My role at the university is to assist in laboratory experiments in cancer research on Boron Neutron Capture therapy of human brain tumours. I learned quite a lot of laboratory techniques during my research project at NTU and I find them quite helpful in my work placement.

I think the most important skill I have learned is problem solving. Sometimes I don’t get good results from my experiments and I have to analyse why the experiments didn’t work out the way I wanted and change some parameters.

I was not particularly interested in doing research but I enjoy working in the laboratory and my research project and placement have given me some experiences that I really enjoy. So I think I will apply for jobs related to research after I graduate.

It took me a while to get used to the accent of my supervisor and colleagues at my work placement. But it is alright, I can understand them pretty well now!

My English will be much better after my one-year placement. Moreover, I will know more laboratory techniques and learn more about doing cancer research. I think these skills and knowledge will boost my CV after graduation.

My advice to anyone considering a work placement would be that you may experience good and bad days, but be optimistic and keep your positive attitude because you are going to learn something from your placement that gives you an idea of what work in the future is going to be like.

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