Hayley Brodrick



United Kingdom
...the Microbiology Department are fantastic, they are so passionate and helpful and extremely approachable.

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"The broad scientific base of the Forensic Biology degree provides a very good grounding in the subject area, and the Microbiology Department are fantastic, they are so passionate and helpful and are extremely approachable.

"The course is very varied and will provide you with an excellent biological and forensic background which will open many different doors. It is quite full on but very rewarding, and finishing your third year project is a very proud moment.

"Some of the equipment on Clifton campus includes; a crime scene house, DNA manipulation techniques, PCR analysis and containment level two microbiology lab. We can access the lab between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and the technicians will help no matter how busy they are. In addition, there is a wealth of information supplied on NOW (the student learning portal) and staff are willing to provide out of hours support. My project supervisor also provided many references for PhD applications and helped me to prepare for interviews.

"Since starting my degree, my career plans have changed. Initially, I wanted to work in forensics but now my passion is microbiology. After graduating, I am hoping to undertake a PhD in medical microbiology and work as a researcher."

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