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Jessica Begone

Bengone Abogourin

Being awarded an NTU international scholarship and securing a placement in a prestigious cancer research institution has been a real highlight for me.

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Jessica is taking a year-long placement working as a Cancer Research Assistant at University Hospitals, Birmingham

"I finished my BSc Honours degree in Medical Virology (Research) and when I researched institutions, I found that NTU had a high ranking in the Biomedical Science field. In addition, NTU gives students the opportunity to apply for a year placement. so these two reasons drove me to apply to study for my MSc degree here.

"I saw the placement at University Hospitals, Birmingham advertised on the NTU employability site and I applied. I had to fight hard to pass through the interview stage since I was also competing with my peers, friend and lab mate!

"My year-long placement will involve working in a cancer research laboratory where I will work with specific tissue samples to detect particular biomarkers that might improve the rapid diagnosis of certain type of cancers. I will certainly learn novel techniques and applications. I will also have the occasion to be mentored by highly skilled and experienced people.

"I certainly think that my bioscience studies will help me a lot with my placement. I did a three month project that trained me and I was supervised by two PhD students who taught me a lot about things like cell culture and MTT assays. My MSc project supervisor supports me with my thesis writing skills and my lab work. These are a few of the skills that I might be able to take with me to placement.

"Being awarded an NTU International scholarship and securing a placement in a prestigious cancer research institution has been a real highlight for me, as it gives me the opportunity to gain 'western world' work experience with the chance to learn and practice the latest advanced techniques in my field of study. Most of all, I have the chance to help make a difference in the cancer research world.

"Personally, I think my placement will greatly boost my CV, my lab skills and my lab work experience. These are things that could place me in a very good position professionally and academically. I see a placement as a career opportunity that needs to be grabbed so, I am recommending it to other students.

"My advice to other students looking for their placement would be to just never stop applying, even when the replies you get are 'Sorry you did not get the position… the completion was very high…we wish you luck for all the rest…'!"

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