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United Kingdom
I attended an Open Day at Clifton Campus and this event made me decide on NTU...

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Kaila is now a PhD student studying Quantum Computing at the University of Strathclyde...

"I attended an Open Day at Clifton campus and this event made me decide on NTU, and the fact that it was one of the few universities that offered my course. One of the lecturers got so excited when he was explaining how the new telescope would improve the course – I knew at that moment that NTU was the place for me. I needed to be around people that want to teach and learn in order to thrive.

"The course is taught in small classes and each session is a mixed lecture and seminar which I feel helped with the learning process. We had access to the physics laboratories in the University which have lots of facilities relevant to the course.

"I feel I have a better understanding of Physics. My confidence levels grew enormously, I am able to stand and talk to a large group of people without having prepared any material. I learnt how to manage my time and to transfer ideas from my head on to paper so they can be easily understood by others. All of these skills will help me in the future as I continue with PhD study."

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