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We have Clifton wood and the River Trent which are invaluable areas to work in as they are so close to campus

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"I took the Ecology and Environmental Management pathway of this course where field work makes up a large part of the teaching hours so it is very important to visit any university you're considering to get a feel for the environment and facilities.

"I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do when I started the course and I liked the fact that you get to choose which subjects to specialise in after the first term. The accreditation was important too as it makes the degree more attractive to employers.

"Some of the key features of the course include surveying of protected habitats and species using standardised surveying techniques. These projects give you the experience of writing professional reports and thoroughly researching the topics.

"There is plenty of supporting literature and also plenty of specimens in the lab to use in learning about species and their history. Also you can't underestimate the importance of learning how to work effectively in the field under adverse conditions – this is good preparation for the world of practical work.

"My greatest achievement so far has been getting a mid-first for my second year report which was written as a result of research undertaken on a week-long field course in Devon. This was an invaluable experience where we were able to study some very interesting and high value environments."

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